Syndicating Industrial Real Estate with Chad Griffiths

Watch the recording of a live interview with Chad Griffiths from The Industrial Real Estate Show and co-founder Joel Friedland. They discuss

  • Why invest in industrial real estate?
  • Passive vs active investing
  • What is a real estate syndication?
  • and more!

Doing Deals With Zero Debt with Whitney Sewell

How do you recover from a big challenge, like a recession? How does your mental health affect your business decision-making? In this first episode of our two-part series, Joel Friedland answers these questions and more! Joel uncovers the secret of how to deal with zero debt and describes this as how the rich do business.

He shares the lessons he learned from his mentors in the industry, the reason why he only does real estate deals with zero debt, and how he is able to do that. He also discusses how relationships matter most to him, how knowing the details of your offering book can spell a difference, and even his mental health scale.

Connecting With High-Net-Worth Individuals with Whitney Sewell

More than the infrastructure and the lot, real estate is a people’s business. In the last episode of the two-part series, Joel Friedland shares the secret on how to build connections, especially with potential investors such as high-net-worth individuals.

Joel shares that he consults a group of advisors whenever he does a deal. He also gives emphasis on talking to your deals properly, the importance of keeping a lot of cash reserves, and the three rules for industrial real estate. He then talks about his predictions about the real estate market for the coming months, how the Fed decision can affect the industry, and referrals being his best source of new investors.

The Ins and Outs of Industrial Real Estate with Josh Cantwell

In this podcast, Joel joins Josh Cantwell from The Accelerated Real Estate Investor podcast.

In this episode, you’ll learn about Joel's all-cash, no-debt strategy and how to renew industrial buildings. You’ll also hear some sage advice from his tremendous career in the field.

Joel takes the time to walk us through how an entrepreneur who got funding on Shark Tank became one of his main clients and how to map out investment strategies when great opportunities come your way.

Profits In Industrial Real Estate | Raising Private Money With Jay Conner

In this podcast, Joel joins Jay Conner on the Raising Private Money podcast to discuss:

  • What Is Industrial Real Estate?
  • Industrial Real Estate and Private Money
  • How Joel Raised $100 Million In Private Money
  • How To Protect Your Private Lenders
  • The Most Important Thing In Raising Private Money: Trust
  • Joel Friedland’s Greatest Lesson Learned: Never Gamble!

Industrial Buildings – An In-Demand Investment with Eddie Wilson

What comes to mind when you think of investing in an industrial space?

So many people may be clueless about how to start or what to expect, but Joel sits down with Eddie from Think Realty Podcast to chat about how he got into real estate by going door to door which led him to investing in the industrial space.

They discuss why investing in industrial can be an attractive asset class, how Brit Properties structures investor deals, and why the demand is so high and continues to go up.

Industrial Real Estate Creating Value in Chicago with Mo Bina

Joel sits down with Mo Bina from the Purpose-Driven Wealth podcast to talk about the uniqueness of industrial real estate in comparison to residential.

Industrial real estate, normally, doesn’t interact with the public in a way that residential assets do. This same reason is why it’s challenging for most to get into the industrial market.

Here, Joel discusses the types of businesses that make industrial real estate what it is, what Warren Buffett’s circle of competence is all about, why first-time investors are concerned with single tenants, his different approach to mitigating risk, and more.

Real Estate Crowdfunding with Dr. Adam Gower

In this podcast, Joel talks with Dr. Adam Gower from the Deal Time podcast.

Joel teaches everything you need to know about how to invest in Class B and C industrial real estate.

Gambling in Real Estate is a Risky Play - Why You Should Avoid It with Justin Colby

Joel joins Justin Colby on his podcast The Science Behind Flipping to discuss all things real estate.

Together they discuss:

  • How Joel got into real estate
  • The similarities between industrial and single-family real estate models
  • Why there is no wrong time to buy
  • Joel's 3 rules of real estate investing

The Outlook for Industrial Real Estate Investing with Jeannette Robinson

Jeannette Robinson from Ready 2 Scale invited Joel to her podcast to discuss industrial real estate.

Joel explains how the industrial real estate industry has changed over the decades and how he continues to compete. He discusses the strategy he contributes to his success and that the most important thing is maintaining and building relationships.

Industrial Real Estate Investing with Joe Bauer

Did you realize that the industrial real estate market is booming right now? Joel talks with Joe Bauer and Julie Clark all about industrial real estate on The Nuts and Bolts.

  • Are people stupid?
  • How to raise money on the first deal
  • What is the difference between classes of industrial buildings
  • The key to success on your portfolio
  • How does low/no debt work with value add
  • What are the top 3 due diligence items
  • How much to keep on reserve
  • What do syndication structures look like
  • and more!

Why You Should Invest in Industrial Real Estate with John Casmon

Joel joins John Casmon on the Multifamily Insights podcast to discuss his experiences and what he's learned from them.

During the podcast, they discuss:

  • Industrial Properties 101
  • The story of buying Bob Steiner’s building
  • What to look for when investing in industrial real estate
  • The all-cash philosophy

Industrial Real Estate Investing with Raphael Collazo and Jeff Walston

Joel joins The Commercial Real Estate Academy podcast hosted by Raphael Collazo and Jeff Walston to demystify the industrial real estate market.

During the conversation, they explore topics such as:

  • The strategies Joel used to grow his business
  • His decision to focus on investing in industrial real estate
  • How he structured a recent industrial syndication
  • His criteria when analyzing an investment opportunity
  • Where he sees the future of industrial going
  • As well as much more...

Investing In Over $200M+ in Industrial Real Estate with Yannik Cudjoe-Virgil

Joel meets with Yannik Cudjoe-Virgil from The Moful Marathon podcast to discuss the exciting yet stable world of industrial real estate investing.

During the conversation, they discuss:

  • Why he ventured out of real estate brokerage to start his own real estate investing firm
  • How surviving the real estate recession in 2008 reshaped his desire for debt
  • How to get started in industrial real estate investing
  • Joel’s view on the macroeconomy in the U.S.

Secrets to Industrial Real Estate Passive Income with Eric Martel

Joel talks with Eric Martel from Break Away From The Rat Race podcast.

Investing In Industrial Real Estate with Charles Dobens

Charles Dobons from the Multi Family Investing Academy podcast.

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