Eaglestone Leases St. Charles Industrial Building

Expansion facility is walking distance from company’s headquarters

3940 Swenson Avenue, St. Charles IL

Eaglestone, Inc., a custom conveyor equipment manufacturer has expanded its operations into a 15,000 square foot building located at 3940 Swenson Avenue in a modern industrial section of St. Charles, Illinois. The company owns a larger manufacturing and headquarters building down the block at 3705 Swenson.

“It is common for industrial companies to expand incrementally by adding a new facility. Such an expansion is often preferable to picking up and moving an entire operation to consolidate into a new facility,” according to Joel Friedland, whose firm, Brit Properties, owns the recently leased stand-alone industrial building and 15 similar properties in DuPage and Kane Counties.

Research shows that more than 500 of the Chicago area’s industrial distributors and manufacturers occupy more than one property within a mile of their main facility. This illuminating statistic illustrates that cautious companies often choose to test the waters before committing to a long-term expansion through a consolidation.

To drive home the point, Eaglestone’s newly leased property was previously leased by Flavors of North America (FONA) as a satellite warehouse serving FONA’s main manufacturing operations and headquarters less than a mile away, in Geneva, Illinois.

Friedland says, “there are currently about a dozen companies within the Elmhurst industrial park, near the intersection of Grand Avenue and York Road, that each own or lease two or three buildings in close proximity. Friedland has evidence of this within his firm’s own portfolio. “Three of Brit Properties’ tenants in Elmhurst, Comcast, Thatcher Oaks Awning and MZI each occupy one of our buildings and also have a satellite in a local building within walking distance.”

Friedland believes, “It’s smart for a growing business to test their long term need for expansion with a nearby second facility.” More than a few companies have fallen into financial peril as a result of a rash decision to consolidate into one larger facility before being ready.