Cold calling door-to-door nets $100 million of industrial real estate for Chicago investors


At age 16 Joel Friedland became a lawn-service entrepreneur and signed up 60 customers from door to door sales pitches. He then hired dozens of kids as lawn cutters–and he even bought liability insurance.  



From lawns to leases

After college, Friedland was hired by his future mentor, Steve Podolsky, as a leasing agent to fill vacant warehouses with manufacturers and distributors.  Friedland immediately deployed his prior door-to-door lawn-service canvassing strategy to solicit companies to lease space in Podolsky’s huge industrial real estate portfolio.

It worked…

Many leases were signed!




Cold calling surprises: truth can be stranger than fiction   Friedland and his associates syndicate and manage their real estate portfolio through an entity called Brit Properties. Most of their 92 acquisitions started with in person, first time meetings with sellers, and some have been entertaining:

1. The property owner who shockingly pulled out a gun and pointed it at Friedland saying, “make my day, punk” echoing the words of Clint Eastwood in a Dirty Harry movie. 



3. A property owner who instructed his two line-backer sized sons to literally pick up Friedland and drop him on the curb in the front parking lot, and they did.




4. A business owner who secretly had his assistant call the police and when the officers arrived, demanded that they arrest Friedland and his mentee for trespassing.




Eric Schneider, an active partner in Brit’s portfolio, recently cold called the 14,000 square foot manufacturing property pictured below. The energetic owner wanted sale-leaseback, telling Schneider, “I’m turning 100 years old and I think it may be time for me to slow down a bit.”  (click here to see Eric’s cold calling video).

Industrial building located at 209 Ambrogio Drive in Gurnee, IL

Today, Friedland (right) and Schneider (left), and their highly experienced staff manage a portfolio of properties with an aggregate value of just under than $100 million. Friedland’s mentor of 40 years, Steve Podolsky, is an active investor and advisor.  And the Brit Properties team continues to find acquisitions through daily cold calling.  Investors can chip-in from $25,000 to more than $500,000 in various syndications, seeking cash flow and profits—as a reliable diversification alternative to the Wall Street casino.