The Golden Rule

June 2, 2023

The idea that we ought to “treat others the way we like to be treated,” often known as the Golden Rule, has been the foundation for countless ethical, moral, and religious belief systems. This rule, while broad, has laid a foundation for understanding the good and the bad that has withstood the tests of time. […]

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Guided Tour of Chicago Industrial Real Estate

May 30, 2023

 GUIDED TOUR OF ELMURST INDUSTRIAL PARK This is Industrial Drive in Elmhurst and this is a street where we have owned, I think it’s 5 buildings over the past 15 years and we still own 3 on this street, and we also own other property nearby. Let me first give you the introduction. We’re […]

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Why a Long-Term Investment Horizon is Important

May 25, 2023

With every investment we make, it is important to think about how the investment’s value will change in both the near and distant future. What will the value of a given building be in one year? In five years? In ten years? Making a deliberate effort to answer each of these questions can help us […]

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Small is Beautiful

May 22, 2023

In his groundbreaking book Small is Beautfiul, E.F. Schumacher criticizes the “cult of bigness” and the effects this apparent cult has had on seemingly every component of our organized world. Nowhere, it seems, is this cult more blinding than the ever-evolving field of economics. In the classical economic tradition, firms have every incentive to continue […]

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Our Approach to Debt

May 19, 2023

Debt is often the lifeblood of real estate enterprises because, to put it simply, debt is what helps firms access properties that would otherwise be unaffordable. By going into debt, it becomes possible to have more deals going at any given time than would be possible without debt and—assuming that we can secure a deal […]

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Brit Properties Impact Program

May 15, 2023

At Brit Properties, we recognize that developing strong relationships with our tenants is the corner stone of property management. We love our tenants and know that they are truly the core of our business—without a reliable tenant base, we’d have no properties to manage. In a rapidly changing world, it is up to us to […]

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